Jaipur Ride’s Fleet

Jaipur Ride's Fleet

Drive the Royal Fleet in Jaipur

Embrace the royal experience with Jaipur Ride. Our comprehensive fleet, ranging from economy to luxury, ensures your travels are as vibrant and majestic as the city itself.

Fleet of Cars with Jaipur Ride Car Rental

Whether you are looking for a compact hatchback car, a mid-size sedan or even a full size SUV, we at Jaipur Ride have a wide selection of vehicles to meet your needs. From economy cars to luxury sedans, we have it all. And if you are planning a longer trip, we also have force travellers and mini buses available for hire.

We offer a wide range of vehicles in Jaipur, so whatever your needs, we have a vehicle to suit them. If you are traveling with your whole family or a large group, we also have minibus rentals available.

Discover our car rental fleet in Jaipur

Hire a Hatchback Cab w/ Price in Jaipur - Book the best Hatchback Car Rental in Jaipur


The Hatchback car rental is one of the most popular types of cars in Rajasthan. This compact model has been growing in popularity over the years due to its affordability and practicality. They’re easy to get into and have decent storage inside to fit your luggage.

Hire a Innova Crysta Cab w/ Price in Jaipur - Book the best Toyota Innova Car Rental in Jaipur

Toyota Innova

An Innova Crysta rental service in Jaipur is great for traveling with large groups. It is an off road capable four wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance. With plenty of space, you and your guests will be able to fit comfortably inside. This vehicle is built with more ground clearance than sedans so they can handle rough terrain and other obstacles on the side of the roads.

Hire a Sedan Cab w/ Price in Jaipur - Book the best Sedan Car Rental in Jaipur


 If you want a comfortable vehicle to travel in then consider renting a Sedan Car!  A sedan car rental in Jaipur is a great option for families who need extra space and comfort. With plenty of seating, this type of rental car is perfect for trips that require a lot of room.

Hire a SUV Cab w/ Price in Jaipur - Book the best SUV Car Rental in Jaipur


An SUV or sport utility vehicle is an off road version of your typical family car. It is perfect for those who want to explore the countryside in style. With plenty of storage space, you and your passengers will be comfortable while driving through the countryside. These vehicles are ideal if you plan on doing some serious exploring as they can handle rugged terrain.

Hire a Tempo Traveller Cab w/ Price in Jaipur - Book the best Force Traveller Van Rental in Jaipur

Tempo Traveller

A Tempo Traveller is ideal for transporting your friends and families and all of their luggage. No matter how much luggage you want to include for a trip from Jaipur, you’ll always have enough space and features in a Tempo Traveller. It can easily accommodate 9 to 22 travellers depending on the mode you choose.

Hire a Mini Bus w/ Price in Jaipur - Book the best Seater Bus Rental in Jaipur

Mini Bus

When traveling with large groups or when you need to bring along lots of luggage, public transport can be really difficult. A mini bus rental service from Jaipur Ride can provide comfort alongside scheduling flexibility. There are also different kinds of mini buses available such as Executive Class, Standard class, Business class, etc.

We at Jaipur Ride have the perfect vehicle for your needs. We offer everything from economy cars to luxury sedans and even minibuses if you need something with more room. Give us a call today and we will set up an appointment with one of our friendly team members who can help find the right vehicle for your trip. And don’t forget! You can always rent online or reserve ahead of time by submitting the contact form. Hurry book your Jaipur Ride now!